In this video we are out on the Honda ST1100, but not for a casual motorcycle trip, but actually for a sad event.

In this vlog, I am attending the funeral procession of a well respected man in the motorcycle community and especially in the world of the Pan Europeans.

As you know I own and drive a Honda ST1100 Pan European and today we are saying goodbye in an awesome and impressive way with 110+ motorcycles, of which are at least 47x ST 1100’s and 42x ST 1300’s, of a true enthusiast of the Honda Pan European, who was also known as the Pan Doctor!

In Memoriam: Olaf “PanAgt” Agterberg.

There are stickers for sale : “By Olaf Agterberg” to support the family of Olaf with their loss.

If you would like, you can order these stickers through this link:

All proceeds will go to Olafs family.

This sale is not affiliated with MotovlogNL!

Klik hier voor de By Olaf Agterberg stickers